Technical SEO fixes

Uprankd team of professionals can help to fix the website, so that it complies with the Google terms & best practices.

Nowadays search engines give preference to websites that are in technically good condition, by showing them higher in the SERPs.  It is vitally important for modern-age companies to be ahead of competition on Google for their potential customers to find them.

Our team of SEO technicians helps to fix websites, so that your digital marketing be successful. You shouldn’t expect good results from digital marketing if your page is below average. That’s why you should fix the website one-time, for it to be ahead of competitors forever.

The main technical SEO issues that our team often faces and what needs to be fixed are:

  • Absence of SSL (https).
  • Missing titles, meta description, alt-tags, headers.
  • Poor page speed.
  • Duplicate content.
  • Poor mobile performance.
  • Internal link structure.
  • Missing XML sitemap.
  • Missing Robots.txt.
  • Image optimization.
  • Problems with indexing.
  • Problems with redirects.
  • Improper page architecture.
  • Problems after implementing design changes or new hosting.

If you saw in the list anything that applies to your website then contact us for a fast fix!