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SEO Optimization

We can SEO optimize your website based on the knowledge we gathered over the years!

Technical SEO

This is one of the most important factors you should fix on your websites - we know how to do it!

Keyword Research

Link building will be a waste of time if you don't have optimized keywords, hence here we come with our expertise in keyword research.

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About us

Above all, we believe that SEO is important for every business that owns a website.

If you own a website, you’re expecting that someone will visit it. The chances are slim-to-none, that without a proper SEO plan, people will find the website on Google. So this is where we jump in.

We will audit your website, do keyword research, make a PLAN, fix the issues, give you consultations and we will watch your site grow together!

Uprankd helps companies in various industries. We specialize in SEO for e-commerce, finance and loans, local services, luxury brands, tourism, and gambling companies.


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Our Strengths

SEO Audits

Technical SEO Audits. Market Situation Audits, Backlink audits, competitor audits. Included in each SEO audit we do. 

Content Marketing

What to write? How much? Where to link? How to find writers? We can help with that!


We have created 500+ PBN's that rank hard difficulty keywords for our clients (PBN usage is disclosed before using it)


We have created and ranked many affiliate websites with the aim to earn from them. We also can create a website + plan for you.


Over the years we have learned almost everything there is to WordPress so we can build them, optimize them, find the best themes and plugins.

Link Building

Hundreds of links are built each month and we can call ourselves link-building specialists. We have a huge database of guest posts and link-insertion possibilities all over the world. 

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